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Off to ICRA

For the next week I’ll be at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Pasadena. For Monday and Tuesday I’m going to the Future of Visual Navigation workshop. For the main conference I’ll be presenting my paper “Accelerated Appearance-Only SLAM“, with some new ideas for very fast inference in our FAB-MAP framework. We’ve also just released the software.

If you’re at the conference, come say hi!

Off to ISRR

For the next week I’ll be in Japan attending the International Symposium of Robotics Research. Should be lots of fun, and a good time to find out about all the new developments outside of my little corner of the robot research universe. Come say hello if you’re at the conference.

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So, welcome to yet another blog, clearly the solution to all the world’s problems. Educating Silicon will post news and thoughts on robotics, computer vision, machine learning and related Things Of Interest. Hope you enjoy the show!