Educating Silicon is a blog about robotics, computer vision and machine learning. For quite a while it was dormant while I switched to Google+ (gone now, but that content is archived here). These days I primarily post things on Twitter, but I still put some longer-form content here.

I  did my PhD in robotics, specializing in image search and visual place recognition methods for robots. My main thesis contribution was an algorithm called FAB-MAP. After that I co-founded a start-up called Plink [1], which specalized in visual search engines. In 2010 Plink was acquired by Google, and I worked at Google on computer vision systems for a few years. After that I started a new company called Pointy, which was also acquired by Google in 2020. As of Jan 2020 I’m working on integrating Pointy into Google.

Contact me at mark(at)educatingsilicon(dot)com.

[1]: Most of Plink is now gone from the web, the best video demo still up is this one taken by a user. Enjoy the pumping sound track.

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